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Ally and Carol Parker


A 50th birthday surprise

Speculation had been rife about when this couple would get married.

So at Ally’s 50th birthday party, the were in for a surprise, they were already at the wedding ceremony!


ally and carol parker real wedding with mary gibson humanist wedding celebrant aberdeen and aberdeenshire

We’ve come together

not to mark the start of the relationship,

but to recognise a special bond

that already exists.

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The key to love is …

Making Memories

make an effort to make your memories good ones,

because it’s the good memories

that outweigh the bad,

and it’s these stories

and shared experiences

that will sustain you into your silver years,

carol and ally parker, read wedding with the celebrant angel aberdeen mary gibson humanist wedding celebrant



Carol and Ally chose to have their wedding at their local football club, where they meet their huge circle of friends and family for drinks.

Turned out to be the perfect venue for their ceremony.

ally and carol parker wedding aberdeen with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist wedding celebrant



Carol and Ally were an amazing couple to work with.

They were hilarious, love life and not scared to take the mickey out of themselves and each other.

ally and carol parker real wedding guests with mary gibson humanist wedding celebrant aberdeen

wedding guests


These guys were amazing, going from a 50th birthday party to a wedding in 15 mins.

They were the best crowd vow I’ve ever had.

They loved the surprise wedding.

ally and carol parker real wedding with mary gibson humanist wedding celebrant aberdeen



Ally and Carol just wanted a party with their friends and family, nothing heavy.

And that’s what they did, held a 50th birthday party, but added in a wee wedding surprise

Their Story

first date

Ally and Carol used to be neighbours but hadn’t seen each other for years.

Then happened to meet one night in the West End Social Club

They went to a local pub on their first date and laughed and laughed and haven’t stopped laughing together and at each other since.


Ally and Carol had gone to a proclaimers concert as a birthday treat, and the song marry me came on.

Ally was singing away with the proclaimers and suddenly turned to Carol and said

Should we?

So they did


the family

Ally and Carol’s family is huge as it’s not only their kids or parents that are their family.

Its all their friends to, they mean as much to Ally and Carol as their blood family.

But their close family were so delighted when they decided to seal the deal.

We would just like to say a huge thank you for doing our wedding ceremony; you were amazing!!

I can’t believe for the number of times that we met you; you picked up on so much about us!

Our guests still go on about it being such a surprise but also how great you were.

Everyone loved how you got them involved and they certainly got a few laughs throughout the ceremony!

Our mums, both still laugh and say that the ceremony was just us.

Although half the room were in either in tears or in shock, everyone, especially Carol & me loved every minute of it.

We just wish it didn’t pass so quickly, but on the bright side, we will get to see you doing what you do best at our friend’s wedding next year!!!

Thank you so much once again from the bottom of our hearts, you made our dream come true!’

Ally and Carol Parker

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