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How To Stop Blushing On My Wedding Day

“On the secretly blushing cheek is reflected the glow of the heart”

Having you been worrying about how to stop blushing on your wedding day?

As someone who suffered from this throughout my young life, I know how this feels. I still get it at times if someone is trying to embarrass me.

If you don’t like to be the centre of attention or don’t like to be in the spotlight, worrying about blushing on your wedding day can cause a great deal of anxiety.

I know I’ve been there too!

Some of the tips below may help you control the blushing, or at least make it less obvious.

But you know what – no one is going to judge you for blushing on your wedding day, so don’t worry about it too much.



Breathe away the blushes

Breath changes in response to emotion. Mindfully slowing down your breath will reduce stress, and put you in a better mood

Anxiety is your body responding to stress, and stress can cause blushing.

When we are anxious, we aren’t living in the moment; we are worrying about something in the future, something about to happen.

And that’s understandable on your wedding day as you want everything to be perfect.

So how do you stop yourself blushing on your wedding day with your breath?

Taking some long, slow deep breaths can help bring you back into the moment.

On your wedding day, set your alarm an hour earlier than you planned, and take a bit of time to yourself before the mayhem begins.

Take a walk around the garden, listen to the birds, hear mother nature around you. Feel the sun and/or the wind on your skin. Smell the grass and the flowers around you.

Slow yourself right down.

Breathe slow breaths, in on a count of eight, hold it for a few seconds, then release the breath through your mouth on a count of eight.

Do this as many times as you want as you get ready on the day.

As you get to the top of the aisle, stop and take a few more deep breaths in for eight and out for eight.

Slowing down your breathing means you are concentrating on just that, and not worrying about the fact that you might blush.

sea on the sand and word breathe written in the sand how do i stop myself blushing on my wedding day with the celebrant angel aberdeen
how do i stop myself blushing on my wedding day bride with father smiling with the celebrant angel


Smiling chases away the blushes

A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear

I know this is gonna feel like the last thing you want to do, but it does work.

Smiling — even if you’re stressed or embarrassed —tricks your body into believing that it’s less stressed.

Scientists have found that your smile sends a backward message to your brain, telling your brain that everything is okay because you’re smiling.

So after you take those long slow breaths at the top of the aisle, look down at your partner and smile, let him know your fine, and off you go.


Keeping Cool

Blushing tends to happen more intensely when you’re warm rather than when you’re cool.

So, make sure you’re not overdressed.

Leave room in your dress to breathe and keep cool.

It might be prudent to have a small fan to hand on the day as well.

If the weather is warm keep the windows open as you get ready.

Give yourself 10 mins once you’re ready before you set off.

Take a seat and just sit.

Use your breathing to calm yourself, which in turn will cool you down.


Keeping yourself hydrated throughout the preparations by drinking lots of water can help keep blushing at bay.

Cool or cold water tends to help best.

Make sure you have plenty of water in your room whilst you’re getting ready.


bride drinking water keeping cool in how to stop blushing on my wedding day
how do i stop blushing on my wedding day with the celebrant angel aberdeen



The more we think, OMG I’m going to go bright red any minute now, the more chance there is of that happening.

Try distracting yourself by changing your thinking.

Try to think of something that’ll make you laugh.

This will make you smile, and as we know from scientists,  smiling reduces the chances of blushing.



Cover up your blushes

Speak to your makeup artist before your big day.

Explain to her about your blushing and how much it’s worrying you.

She will have a few tricks up her sleeve that will be able to help with that.

My daughter has bright red cheeks due to a heart condition and she uses green colour correcting makeup when shes going out to hide her red cheeks, and it works.

Perhaps your make-up artist will have that too.

But make sure you try it out before the big day.


how do i stop blushing on my wedding day with the celebrant angel
how do i stop myself blushing on my wedding day with the celebrant angel


No ones looking

As you walk down the aisle, everyone will be looking at your dress, your hair and your smile; no one has ever said “did you check her red face” about a bride.

And if you do blush, that’s fine; everyone knows how nervous a couple get on their wedding day.

Excitement can also make your cheeks blush. All your guests will see is an excited bride heading towards her partner.

Hopefully, some tips here will help you stop blushing on your wedding day, or at least blush a bit less. 

If you have any tips that worked for you and want to share them, please pop over to the IG page and pop your recommendations for any other bride with the same problem. 

But I promise you not one single person will notice if you do happen to blush.



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