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Booked A Celebrant: What Happens Next


Booking a celebrant is an important part of your wedding planning, but what happens once you have booked a celebrant?

By the time you get to booking me as your celebrant, we will have had a face time call or met in person.

This call or meeting helps you get a feel for me and allows you to decide if I am the right celebrant for your ceremony.

I love these meetings.

And they are important, as it’s essential that you gel with your celebrant before booking them.


A celebrant is invited into your story and your life, so they need to be someone you can trust to take care of your story. And a meeting is often an excellent way to  get to know the celebrant.

Phones are okay to get a feel for what a celebrant can offer you, but it’s always lovely to meet up.

Celebrants get booked up pretty quickly so get that one ticked off your list pretty soon

Booked Your Celebrant

So we’ve met up and got along brilliantly.

We’ve checked that I have the date free and you want to confirm me as your celebrant, what happens next?

Well, I will send you a contract to sign and ask you to pay the deposit to hold your date in my calendar.

And that’s you booked your celebrant!

The important thing about booking a celebrant is to get the date in the calendar; everything else can come later.

Once the date is in the diary, we will set up your next meeting, depending on when your wedding is, of course.

Why Have Face To Face Meetings?

People often think we turn up on the day and read from a piece of paper.

That’s not what happens at any ceremony ever with us celebrants.

It takes us hours of chatting, listening and researching to create a couple or family ceremony.

How do I do that?

For me, it’s all about getting to know you personally, getting to know your personalities, your vibes.

Couples often book a celebrant because they want their wedding ceremony to be personnel.

But every celebrant works differently, so I can only tell you how I create a ceremony.

Because I like personal meetings, I don’t gather very much through questionnaires or emails, just an odd detail sometimes.

I get to see the interaction you have with each other when we’re in these meetings, which helps me create your ceremony for you.

booked your celebrant what happens next with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist aberdeen

When Do The Meetings Start?

Six months before the wedding, I will set up a meeting to come and spend some time with you and your partner.

But I will already have started collating details from any of our emails and our first meeting.

If your wedding is more than six months away, I will keep in touch by email to see how things are going at your end.

But I am always at the end of an email or phone if you have any questions that I can help with, like the registry office paperwork, for instance.

What Do We Talk About?

Remember when you were young, and your mum asked you all those questions about your current boyfriends,

how you met,

what’s he like,

when did they tell you they loved you etc

well that’s me, I want to know all the little details. I can be pretty nosy.

I want to hear all about what style of wedding you’re having.

Find out whos part of the wedding party and what part they have played in your life so far.

Tell you about all the lovely ritual options you have to include in a wedding ceremony if you wish, like the oathing stone ritual.

We will find out how you want the ceremony to flow. Do you want to exchange rings, say vows to each other?

What about family and friends?. Do you want to include any of them in your ceremony; you could have someone do a reading, for example.

We can discuss how to do that at these meetings.

The meetings are for us both to put ideas out there that might make your wedding that extra bit special.

We celebrants are full of creative ideas to make your wedding ceremony something that everyone will remember for a long time to come.

But, you don’t have to use anything I suggest; you may have a tradition of your own that you want to include in your ceremony; let me hear that too.

The Script

After each meeting, I will come home with some ideas of what to include in your ceremony and get them down on paper.

A month before your wedding date, your final payment is due for your ceremony.

Once that is paid, you will get sight of the script; if you want to, that is.

Some couples like to keep it all secret and hear it on the day, but if you’re anything like me and a bit of a control freak, then you’ll want to see or listen to it.

I can send it either by email or come along and read it to you to get its feel. Sometimes reading it on paper yourself doesn’t make it feel as unique as when I read it.

Either way is fine for me though.

We can discuss then if you want a rehearsal the day before, or are you happy without one? A rehearsal incurs a small fee.

booked your celebrant what happens next with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist aberdeen

On The Day

Before you know it, the days here, and where’s Mary?

Well, I will be at your venue at least an hour before your ceremony; make sure I check in with the photographer and anymore else involved in the actual ceremony.

Mingle with the guests and put everyone at ease before you arrive; make sure everyone is where they should be.

If things are running a bit late, don’t worry, I won’t be going anywhere until I have delivered the ceremony; I only do one wedding a day, so I don’t have to be rushing off anywhere else;

I’m yours for the day.

Once the ceremony is over, I’ll come to say bye and be off, leave you guys to celebrate in style.

There’s quite a lot that goes on behind the scenes once you’ve booked a Celebrant. 

But it’s not boring stuff; it’s a walk down memory lane with your Celebrant, your partner and you.

I hope that answers any questions you have about what happens when you book your Celebrant.

And remember our diaries get busy really quickly so if you thinking about booking a celebrant get that ticked of your list as soon as possible.

But feel free to send me a message or call me if you have any more questions. You can find my details here.

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