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Jumping The Broom Ceremony

A fun way to leave your single life and step into your future with your partner

Jumping the Broom Ceremony

Including Jumping the Broom in your wedding ceremony has fast become a popular Symbolic ritual at weddings mainly because it’s a ritual that is full of fun, can involve your guests and will add something special to your photos.

It’s a fun way to leave your single life and step into your future with your partner.

Where does the tradition originate?

Jumping the Broom is a tradition so old that no one can say for sure where it originated.

Some say it originated in African American cultures when slaves weren’t permitted to marry. They Jumped the Broom as a way of ceremonially uniting instead.

Others say it has its roots in the Celtic culture.

However, no matter where it came from, it’s a beautiful ritual to include in your wedding ceremony and one that your guests will enjoy watching and cheering you on.

Why a Broom?

A Broom was used long before hoovers were invented. They swept out the dirt and negative energies from homes.

The Broom symbolises the sweeping away of the old, making room for the new.  The couple will begin their new life together with a clean sweep.

  • The straws of the Broom represent the family.
  • The wooden handle depicts the strength of your commitment.
  • And the ribbon tying them all together is what binds the couple together.

The idea is that as the couple jump over the Broom, they physically and spiritually cross the threshold into marital bliss.

It marks the beginning of building a home together and symbolises the sweeping away of the old and the welcoming of the new.

a photo of a broom decorated fora jumping the broom ritual in a wedding

When does it happen during the ceremony?

Jumping the Broom can take place during, or after your ceremony in a couple of ways.

You might choose to Jump the Broom as your ceremony finishes, arriving on the other side of the broom as a married couple.

Or, you might choose to have it as you enter your reception, symbolising leaving behind your single life and leap into the room, ready to begin life as a married couple.

There is no reason why you can’t have both though, as the couple arrive alone, they could jump the Broom entering the ceremony leaving the single life, then jump into the married life together at the end of the ceremony.

As with every part of your Celebrant led ceremony, it’s about making Jumping the Broom unique to you and your day.

They say that the person to jump the highest over the Broom is the decision-maker in the relationship.

It can be quite funny watching the couple as they try to outdo each other, especially if heels are involved.

Introducing the ritual

During the ceremony, your Celebrant will explain what is about to happen. Including sharing a little about the history and symbolism of Jumping the Broom

You also have the choice of including a blessing in your Jumping the Broom ritual too.

Decorating the Broom.

As with most things in life these days, you can buy brooms already decorated online, but many couples like to decorate their broom, make it more personal.

Do you have material left over from your wedding outfit alterations that you could add to your broom handle?

Ask your florist to make a small display to match your wedding flowers to add to the broom.

What about feathers or crystals sprinkled over the broom, glue guns come in pretty handy for that.

You can choose to decorate the broom with anything that has a special significance to the two of you. The worlds your oyster.

How can I include my guests?

 Ask your guests to decorate the Broom for you.

Ask them to bring a piece of ribbon along with them.  Have them write a message or their names on the ribbon.

You could include a piece of ribbon in their invitations if you want to stay colour coordinated. Explain in the invitation what you want them to do with it.

As they arrive at the ceremony, they would tie their ribbons onto the Broom.

That way the Broom will be bright and beautiful. Once the Ceremony is over the couple will be able to read the messages tied to the Broom.

Why not have 2 of your guests in charge of laying the Broom during the ceremony.


Are you ready to jump?

What better way to start a life together as a married couple than being swept right off your feet!

 There are other Symbolic Rituals to choose from to include in your ceremony if Jumping the Broom isn’t for you.

You can also find me on Instagram here and on Facebook here where you will find more information about ceremonies and rituals.

If you’d like help finding the right Ritual for your ceremony please get in touch.

couple jumping the broom on an beach

It is said that whoever jumped the broom the highest was designated as the household decision-maker.

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