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How To Submit M10 Forms To Aberdeen Council

Where would be without paperwork!

Getting married brings with it a plethora of paperwork, something we all love to do – NOT.

The M10 forms for registering a marriage are a necessity I’m afraid.  One of those pieces of paperwork you can’t put to the side and ignore.

Submitting your M10 forms is a pretty important part of getting married, and it has to be right.

The registry office have strict rules about when you need to submit the forms.

This needs to be done anywhere between 90 days before your wedding date and no later than 29 days before the ceremony.


The information on the forms has to be accurate  in order for them to check everything is in order and then draft your marriage schedule for the big day.

Each council has different ways of how to submit the M10 forms now, but they all require the same information.

The M10 forms raise lots of questions from couples as its not something you do every day.

This blog is for submitting M10 forms to Aberdeen council. There is another one here for Aberdeenshire Council

The location of your venue will determine where you submit the forms.

no job is finished until the paperwork is done..

What Paperwork Do You Need To Collate

Whilst the councils may differ on how you submit your M10 forms, it’s different between Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire councils, for instance. And is probably different in Edinburgh

No matter where you submit the documents the requirements will always be the same.

Don’t leave collating your documents until the last min, write down what you need and start collating them as you go along.

Your Birth Certificate

Proof of Address –  for example, a bank statement that is no older than 3 months old an clearly shows your name and address.

Proof of Nationality – Your passport, or another document that provides evidence of your nationality.

Death Certificate/Divorce Certificate – if you or your partner were previously married and your partner past away or you got divorced.

Dissolution Certificate – if you or your partner were previously in a civil partnership.

If you are not a British National, a certificate from your home country that states you are free to marry.

submitting m10 forms aberdeen with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist wedding celebrant aberdeen

Completing The M10 Forms

Now it’s time to complete the M10 forms.

Remember – one for each of you.

There are instructions to help you when you click on the link.

Along with the M10 form, you will be asked to complete this form

This tells the registry office who your witnesses are and asks for my details.

Submitting the M10 Forms

With Aberdeen council, you can either post your documents into the Registry office or hand them in at Marshall College.

completed marriage or civil partnership notice forms

completed witness and celebrant information sheet

completed declaration of status (if required)

supporting documents (see above)

If you post your documents, post them to this address.

Register of births, deaths and marriages
Business Hub 3, Ground Floor South
Marischall College, Broad Street,
Aberdeen AB10 1AB

It’s the same address if you are physically handing them in.

If you are hand delivering your documents, please put your name, date of marriage and mobile number on the outside of the envelope.

And if hand delivering, it has to be delivered by either the bride or the groom.

And that’s you lodged your intent to marry (or the bans as it was known in my day)


submiting m10 forms aberdeen council with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist wedding celebrant aberdeen

Whats the Cost?

When you post or deliver your documents to the registry office, they will contact you to say they have received your paperwork and arrange for you to pay the fee.

The cost of doing this with Aberdeen Council is £100

This covers the fee to give notice of marriage (£45 each) and a certificate of marriage (£10). 

The Marriage Schedule

If you are having a celebrant perform your wedding ceremony, the Registry office will arrange a date for you to pick up your marriage schedule.

This is normally a day or so before your wedding date.

Take good care of this form, as you can’t get legally married without it.

The form then needs to be back with the registry no more than 3 days after your wedding ceremony, but it doesn’t have to be you that takes it back, you might be on honeymoon!

It can be quite confusing when you first look at the M10 forms, but hopefully this blog will help you find what you need and help with submitting them.

But Aberdeen Council can often change the way they want you to submit your M10 forms, so always check out this link for any changes before you submit the M10 forms

And I’m here to help you every step of the way, so drop me a DM if you’re stuck with something on your M10 forms.

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