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Commitment Ceremonies

Commitment Ceremonies

What is a Commitment Ceremony?


Are you put off by a wedding’s legalities but still want to show your commitment to your partner?

A Commitment Ceremony is a very personal choice for couples and maybe just the thing you’re looking for to celebrate your commitment to each other, without all the trimmings.

You can commit to each other without any legal rights or responsibilities in a Commitment Ceremony.

Yet still include the same options you have in a wedding ceremony, vows, readings, exchanging of rings etc., but your Ceremony isn’t legally binding, and your marital status does not change.

Choosing a celebrant to create your Commitment Ceremony would be a perfect choice.

A commitment ceremony is almost identical to a wedding in that two people declare their love and commitment for one another.

The sole difference is that a commitment ceremony is not legally binding, whereas a humanist wedding is.

Whats included…

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 with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist wedding celebrant aberdeen

… the list is endless

A Commitment Ceremony can include everything a wedding ceremony does:




Symbolic Rituals

exchange of rings, and

and of course, a reception just like any other Ceremony.

That’s if you want to include all of the above, of course.

Or It can be as simple as saying your committing to each other.

This is the Celebration of your commitment to each other, and I build your commitment ceremony the same way I build a wedding ceremony.

A Commitment Ceremony is a beautiful way to celebrate the love between a couple.

You can read here why some couples have a Commitment Ceremony.

An opportunity for them to express their love for each other.

Planning your Commitment ceremony with your own personal touches can make this a truly unforgettable and meaningful experience for everyone.

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