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What Is A Commitment Ceremony

..a celebration for couples who choose to show their commitment without the legalities

Do you want to Commit to your partner but don’t want any of the legalities?

Perhaps a Commitment ceremony is what you need. Let me explain exactly what that is.

Today, couples have so many choices about what kind of ceremony they can have, aside from a legal marriage.

A Commitment Ceremony is a meaningful and dignified Ceremony for adult couples of any race or gender who want to declare their life-long commitment and love for each other.

A Commitment Ceremony doesn’t change your legal rights or responsibilities within that relationship.

And a Commitment Ceremony doesn’t change your marital status after the Ceremony. It is just that—a commitment to your partner.

Usually, during the wedding ceremony, you do this as a promise from one person much like Vows.

A Commitment Ceremony allows a couple to commit themselves to each other and affirm their relationship.

A Commitment Ceremony still has all the feel-goods of a wedding, but without the legal paperwork.

You can share the ceremony with family and friends, or have it privately without guests, in any location of your choice.

The ceremony gives you the opportunity to exchange rings and make promises to each other.

Whats Included In A Commitment Ceremony

A Ceremony can include everything a wedding ceremony does:

exchange of vows, your vows will hold the same weight to you and your partner as they would in an actual marriage.



Symbolic Rituals

exchange of rings, and

and of course a reception just like any other Ceremony.

This is the Celebration of your commitment to each other, so you can have anything you like with a Celebrant-led Ceremony.

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Why Have A Commitment Ceremony

The reasons some couples have Commitment Ceremonies over Civil ceremonies are varied and very much for personal reasons.

They may have been married before and don’t want all the fuss.

Or they don’t deem the legal bit necessary to prove their commitment to each other.

What Do You Say During A Commitment Ceremony

You can write your own vows or promises to each other.

The rest of the ceremony written by the Celebrant will reflect your lives together and include all you have chosen to include in your Commitment Ceremony.

Do I Need A New Ring

It’s nice during the ceremony to exchange rings, but it’s not necessary; it doesn’t even have to be a ring.

It could be something you have chosen together to exchange, like a watch, perhaps.

What about a wedding ring tattoo?

what is a commitment ceremony with the celebrant angel aberdeem humanist weddings aberdeen


A Commitment Ceremony is a ceremony in which two people commit their lives to each other but isn’t legally binding.

Commitment ceremonies might look the same as legally binding weddings, but there is no paperwork to sign at the Registry office.

If this type of wedding celebration sounds like the answer to what you’ve been looking for, then please drop me a DM and let’s chat about Commitment Ceremonies.

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