leah and ben wedding ceremony with the celebrant angel aberdeen


Leah and Ben McCabe


High School Sweethearts


A high school sweetheart relationship holds a special place in many people’s hearts because it often represents a time of innocence, discovery, and emotional growth.

For many, a high school sweetheart is their first experience of romantic love, and that was true for Leah and Ben.

High school relationships tend to be relatively uncomplicated and that’s very true about Leah and Ben’s relationship.


leah and ben mccabe wedding ceremony with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist wedding ceremonies

The key to love is inside us all… 

Love is about never giving up on each other.

Getting to know your partner as well as you know yourself.

Making them smile every single day

Learning to play together and keeping your own personality.

Leah and ben real wedding with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist weddings aberdeen

The key to love is …

Never pass up the opportunity to go for a joy ride.

Allow the experience of fresh air

and the wind in your face

to be pure ecstasy.

When loved ones come home,

always run to greet them.

Run, romp, and play daily.
Be loyal.

Never pretend to be something you’re not.

Eat with gusto and enthusiasm.

Lean and Bens wedding with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist celebrant aberdeen

Date & Venue

Elrick House 8th July 2023 was the stunning venue for Lean and Ben’s wedding.

A new venue to Aberdeenshire and a more stunning spot you’ve never seen.

An exclusive use venue

lean and ben mccable wedding ceremony aberdeen with the celebrant angel aberdeen


Leah and Ben are lovely, so funny and suit each other to a T.

They’ve had fun growing up together, taking all of life’s lessons and forming the strongest foundations for marriage.

lean and ben mccabe wedding with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist wedding ceremonies aberdeen

wedding party

The wedding party were amazingly supportive to Ben and Leah in the lead-up and during the ceremony.

They were funny, gorgeous and up for a laugh.

leah and ben mccabe wedding ceremony with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist wedding ceremonies aberdeen


Leah and Ben wanted their ceremony to be fun for them as well as their guests.

It was about celebrating their love for each other and the love of their friends and family

Their Story

first date

Leah and Ben’s first date was at Chiquitos in Aberdeen and was the start of their many dates that led them to getting married.

There were many dates during their school years but Chiquitos as the start of the long term relationship.


Of they went to the lovely city of Edinburgh to celebrate Leah’s birthday with one more present tucked away in Ben’s pocket.

All the while waiting for that magic moment to drop to the special knee and propose to Leah.

the family

Ben and Leah have a lovely supportive family who have been behind them all the way since high school.

They’ve added the gorgeous Ralph to their own little family, who keeps them fit and smiling at his antics.

Mary was an outstanding celebrant, the communication was amazing and she was so patient considering the fact I was not the best responder.

Both my husband and I commented that when Mary came round to the house for our catch’s up she felt like part of the family or an old friend.

She helped my partner at the end of the aisle to calm his nerves and treated us both like she had known us for years, putting us both at ease throughout.

Mary put in the time and effort to get to know us both on a personal level making our ceremony very personal, tailored and outright amazing.

Leah and Ben McCabe

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