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A Wedding Time Capsule

A trip down memory lane

Many couples today like to include symbolic rituals such as handfasting or the quaich in their ceremonies, but just as many may feel that these traditions don’t quite fit with their vision, and that’s completely okay.

Now, let me share with you a delightful ritual that can be incorporated into weddings, naming ceremonies, or infact any occasion you wish to commemorate.

A time capsule is a collection of objects put together to preserve the memory of a place, experience, or group of people at one point in time.

People often make time capsules for special occasions like weddings or new babies. It is something for you to open in the future and reminisce about the event.

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What is a Time Capsule or Memory box

It’s a wonderful addition to your wedding day, offering a glimpse into the past and serving as a reminder of your special day and other significant events in your life, such as baby namings or special birthdays.

In fact, I think it’s a fantastic idea to create one for a new born as well.

The Time capsule becomes a treasure box to open on your wedding anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. It’s like taking a little trip back in time, and who doesn’t love a good memory?

You don’t have to include it as part of  your wedding ceremony; you can keep this between your and your partner:  but its also a lovely to have family and friends contribute to your Time Capsule.

The idea is that you put what you want inside your capsule and seal it to be opened on an anniversary; it doesn’t have to be the first anniversary, you could save it for your 5th, or 10 etc. And reminisce together about your life since that day.

A time capsule box with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist weddings aberdeen

What do you use for the time capsule?

You can use anything you like for your Time Capsule, but a sealed box is preferable to ensure the contents stay dry and safe.

The size of the box would depend on what you want to put in the Time Capsule.

There are wonderful Time Capsule kits available online, but if you’re on a budget, why not  buy a box from places like Ikea and decorating it yourself.

Adding a personal touch, such as a photo of both of you and the date of your wedding or birthday, can make it even more special and meaningful.

What to put inside your Time Capsule

Your Script

When a celebrant does your ceremony, you are given a keepsake script after the event, which would be perfect for a wedding day Time Capsule; you can read over it again and remind yourselves of the fun you had creating it and listening to it on the day.

It’s a precious reminder of the special moments you shared on that day.

Wedding Invitation

Did you choose paper save-the-dates and wedding invitations?

That’s a perfect addition to your Time Capsule.

The thought and care couples put into creating their invitations make them a delightful item to revisit long after the wedding. It’s a lovely way to reflect on the details and memories of your special day.

Guest book

Did you have a paper guest book on your wedding day that would fit perfectly into your Time Capsule?

Or was it a jigsaw type of guest book?

imagine building that together again and talking about your guests as you slot the pieces together, bring back some memories of what the guests got up to on the day, bet that would bring a few smiles to your faces.

Cake Topper

Did you have a cake topper especially made for your cake?  Another perfect thing to add to your Time Capsule.

I was married 30-odd years ago, and I still have mine. I didn’t know about Time Capsules at the time, but it’s still in a sealed box in a dark cupboard and still looks perfect to this day.

And still makes me smile when I look at it, as it was a bit quirky.


Are you going to have your wedding bouquet preserved?  No, well, that’s okay. You could still keep a couple of the flowers from your bouquet and dry them out and press them for your Time Capsule, even if it’s just the groom’s buttonhole.

Greeting Cards

What about keeping the wedding cards you get from friends and family in your Time Capsule?

The would be nice to read over again wouldn’t they, there are always some special messages from your friends and family on those cards.


Why not get your friends and family on the day to write you little notes and pop them into a box for you to include in your Time Capsule as well? 

That would be such a laugh to re-read a few years down the line.

Or put instant cameras on the table so that each couple could take their picture and put a note on the back of the photo for you.

There’d be a lot of happy faces inside your Time Capsule, that’s for sure.

Love letter

And lastly but most importantly for me, why not write each other a love letter before your wedding day and pop it into the Time Capsule but don’t read it until an anniversary.

Or do you have ones saved from your relationship that mean a lot to you, you could include them in the Time Capsule as well.


What about popping a wee bottle of your favourite wine to be shared as you go through your Time Capsule?

I would say put some chocolate in there too, but if it was my Time Capsule and I was on a diet and no chocolate in the house, I might be tempted to open the Time Capsule to get the chocolate out.

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There are lots of things you may want to include in your Time Capsule other than what I’ve suggested here and its your box, so anything goes.

And the last thing you need to decide is when to open your Time Capsule, will it be an anniversary, or every anniversary?

Have you got any other suggestions for couples that you might put or have put in yours and how did you feel when you opened your Time Capsule.

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