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Choosing An Engagement Ring

An engagement ring should be a symbol of a love that will last forever

Choosing an engagement ring.

Have you recently got engaged or planning to propose soon?

Picked the engagement ring yet?

Every year between Christmas and Valentine’s day are the busiest time of the year for proposals.

So you want to be ready with all the knowledge you can get about choosing a ring.

When choosing an engagement ring, you want to buy a ring for your partner that expresses your love. A piece of jewellery that they will wear proudly.

It’s gonna be on show for a long time to come.

Are you looking for something that will reflect their personality or something a bit different from what everyone else is wearing?

With so many to choose from, where do you start?

Start with the stone

Do you know what kind of stone you want in your engagement ring? Is it about design or colour or meaning?

Taking your time, perhaps knowing which type of stone you would like, can all help before you go shopping.

I helped my son pick his partner’s engagement ring; it took a few shops, lots of looking and trying on for him to find the right one, so it isn’t a 2 min pop into the jeweller’s shop and come out with the engagement ring.

What if they’re not a diamond kinda person?

Don’t worry; there are lots of gemstone options if diamonds aren’t their best friend.

So let’s dive in and look at some of the choices you have for an engagement ring, and then your good to go!


Choosing a Diamond engagement ring

I’ll let you into a secret..

Many of us women don’t consider the durability of gemstones when we’re thinking about engagement rings.

In short, we tend to go for what looks good and feels nice on our fingers.

I remember when I first got engaged, I was 17, I had a teeny weeny diamond, but it was huge to me being my first engagement ring. 

At the time I worked in an office, so was typing all day and couldn’t help but look at my ring at every opportunity and made sure it was visible to all and sundry at every opportunity.

Diamonds remain the most traditional and popular choice in engagement rings today.

They are graded by the “the four Cs” – cut, colour, carat, and clarity.

  • Cut determines the diamond’s brilliance and sparkle.
  • Colour ranges from colourless to canary yellow. Diamonds with less colour are considered more valuable.
  • Carat measures the weight of the stone. In most cases, higher carats translate to more expensive stones.
  • Clarity refers to the amount and size of inclusions and blemishes on the stone. Flawless clarity shows no imperfections, while included clarity has a significant number of flaws.

Diamonds are the most durable of the gemstones, rating a perfect ten on the Mohs Scale of Hardness which means how resistant the stone is to damage.

choosing an engagement ring with the celebrant angel aberdeen
choosing an engagement right with the celebrant angel aberdeen


Choosing a Ruby engagement ring

Rubies are a stunning deep red stone, representing nobility, purity, and passion throughout the ages.

They make an excellent choice for an engagement ring.

A Ruby will hold its colour and style for years to come, looking as fresh at your 25-year vow renewal as it did at your wedding.

It’s said that Rubies boost your energy levels, promote self-esteem, heighten your intuition and spiritual wisdom.

A symbol of good fortune, pure love and loyalty.

Because a Ruby sits at a nine on the Mohs’ Scale, this can make them quite expensive.



Choosing a Sapphire engagement ring

Long before diamonds became the popular stone for engagement rings, the sapphire was high up there on the popularity list.

The colour of sapphires can vary a lot.

There are sapphires with hints of yellow, purple and even orange, and of course the most famous of colours, blue.

A Saphire is believed to bring gifts of fulfilment, joy, prosperity, inner peace and beauty.

Sapphires receive a Mohs’ Scale rating of 9.

choosing an engagement ring with the celevbrant angel aberdeen
choosing an engagement ring with the celebrant angel aberdeen


Choosing an Aquamarine engagement ring

This is one of my favourite stones.

The word Aquamarine is Latin for water of the sea, referring to the ocean like colour of the stone.

A calming, soothing stone, which is said to inspire truth, trust and letting go.

Another favourite stone for engagement rings.

However, its Mohs’ Scale rating of 7.5 to 8 indicates that, with extreme wear, it may show signs of scratching over time.


Choosing an Emerald engagement ring

Green emeralds are a popular choice for engagement rings, as they symbolize love and new beginnings.

Emeralds are regarded as a symbol of truth and love—a gift from Thoth, the ancient god of wisdom.

And they are pretty scratch-resistant, too, ranking a 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs’ Scale.

Although some say, they are prone to cracking and chipping.

choosing an engagement ring with the celebrant angel aberdeen
choosing an engagement ring with the celebrant angel aberdeen


Choosing an Opal engagement ring

Opals have always been associated with love and passion, as well as desire.

It is a seductive stone that intensifies emotional states and releases inhibitions. It can also act as an emotional stabilizer. 

Wearing an opal is said to bring about loyalty and faithfulness.

Opals are usually a gift for the 14th anniversary but seem to be becoming popular for engagement rings.

The transparent hue of an opal gives every ring a unique look and camouflages any surface scratches that may come with time. 

While it’s not the most durable choice for everyday wear, ranking 5.5 to 6.5 on the Mohs’ scale, it is an unusual and pretty stone for an engagement ring.

choosing an engagement ring with the celebrant angel aberdeen


Choosing a Pearl engagement ring

Pearls are the ultimate symbol of wisdom.

Valued for their calming effects, pearls represent serenity while strengthening valuable relationships and conveying a sense of safety.

Pearls also symbolize purity, as well as integrity and loyalty.

I love a pearl, whether in a ring or a necklace.

They are an old fashioned gem that’s becoming popular in engagement rings again.

Elegant and modest, this choice is popular for the no-frills bride. 

The plethora of options available—like saltwater pearls, freshwater pearls, and cultured pearls—make it easy to find a ring that suits both your budget and style. 

But it is only a 2.5 to 4.5 on the MOH scale, making them susceptible to scratching and discolouration.


The fact is that all of the stones above are beautiful, but don’t be afraid to think out of the box when choosing a ring.

You might want to go for something unique to you, and that’s good.

It was something unique I wanted when my partner proposed in November 2021. 

For love nor money, could I find a ring that I liked and wanted, but I kept on looking and eventually found it in January 2022.

I wanted my stone to mean something to me; I finally settled on a tourmaline.

Tourmaline is a stone that stands for compassion, healing and friendship.

A stone that attracts money (who doesn’t want more money), its also a good stone for keeping you grounded.

Many couples are stepping outside the norm these days and choosing unusual rings, with settings they design themselves and have a jeweller make it for them.

It’s about your ring being unique to you both, a ring that matches your personality, so if you want something “different”, then go for it.

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