kerry and me

Kerry and Steven’s Wedding

The “We’re Not Romantic” Couple

We don’t want romantic says Kerry; we’re not that kinda couple.

Kerry and Steve had been together for 19 years before they decided they wanted to get married

Their ceremony was filled with laughter, and they are romantic, really.

I have a skill that can always find the romantic bit in a couple.



kerry and steven's wedding with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist wedding celebrant aberdeen

Keeping the love alive… 

and maintaining a great marriage needs dedication, work, and creativity.

so how do you keep it alive?

Be adventurous together and push one another to try new things.

Laugh together, often

Do those things that you did in the beginning; remember how it started

And lastly, make every year together better than the last.

kerry and steven's wedding with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist wedding celebrant aberdeen

My Promise To You Is …

On this day, I give you my heart
My promise
That I will walk with you
Hand in Hand
Wherever our journey leads us.

Living, learning, and loving, together, forever.

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Date & Venue

 The Altens Thistle Hotel was the venue for Kerry and Steve’s wedding in Aug 2022.

They had their ceremony in a small intimate room which held their wedding party perfectly.




 Kerry and Steve are an amazing funny couple where romance in their relationship is taking the Piss out of each other.

They were a pleasure to work with and open to suggestions on how to enhance their ceremony.

kerry family

wedding party

 Steve and Kerry have an amazing blended family, all with a fantastic sense of humour.

They have 4 adult children between them and 4 grandchildren all who had a part to play in Kerry and Steve’s wedding day.

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 Kerry and Steve didn’t want any of the normal wedding traditions; they wanted their day to be a great big party for all their friends and family.

A day filled with love and laughter and a few new traditions of their own

Their Story

first date

Kerry met Steve when he picked her up in his taxi when she was on a night out.  He gave her his card so she knew who she would get a lift with in future.

This led to inviting him in one night for coffee when they talked for hours and hours which then blossomed into a relationship.


Remember I told you they weren’t romantic!

When I asked Kerry how Steve had proposed she said he rang her and said “that’s the rings here”.

But she made him do it properly when she got home

the family

Life for Kerry and Steve and their families is about making memories.

Getting out and trying new things, going to new places, and keeping the love alive.

I’m pretty sure with Kerry in charge of all the above there will be plenty new memories made for this family.

Well, what can I say!!

From meeting you to the ceremony (and I’m sure beyond), it has been an absolute pleasure.

You are extremely professional and tailored our ceremony exactly how we wanted it.

From start to finish, we were at ease.

Lots of laughs and we are so glad that we chose you

A massive thank you for making our day

Kerry and Steve

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