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What happens at a registrars appointment

As with everything legal, there are always questions

I often see couples asking what happens at my registrar’s appointment and what questions will the registrar will ask me when I go to my appointment.

I have two blogs on the website about submitting your M10 forms.

One to Aberdeen City Council and one to Aberdeenshire Council, that explains what you need to do to submit a notice of getting married and what you need to submit with those forms.

Once you have submitted your forms, the registry office will ask you to come to an appointment to verify who you are basically and go through the paperwork you have submitted.

If you’re anything like me you like to be prepared for these interviews.

So I thought I’d write down some of the questions that you might be asked by the registrar. I promise they are nothing to worry about.

They aren’t going to ask you anything weird.
And this may differ from one registry office to another.

And will be different if either of you is not a UK Citizen.

So have a look through the questions below, get your answers ready and then you’re done, just about ready for the wedding day.

These are the questions you’ll be asked at your prewedding interview

The interview

Once you have submitted your M10 forms to the correct council, you will then be called to an interview with the Registrars, either on the phone or in person.

So whats happens at a registrar’s appointment

The registrar will call you to make a suitable appointment for you to pop in.

Sometimes you get interviewed together, sometimes is separately.

what happens at a registrar appointment with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist wedding celebrant aberdeen

Your details

The Registrar will ask you the normal questions you get asked when you have to identify yourself like:-

Your full name, including middle names.

Your address, if you live separately then you give both those addresses.

Where you were born.

Your occupation

Were you met

How long you’ve been together

Are you related?

If you have been married before. They may ask how long you were married and when you got divorced.

A lot of this information is on the paperwork you submitted, they are just checking you are you on the day.

You may also be asked about your partner’s details, like his full name and his occupation.

And when you think about it, you should know those details if this is a bona fide marriage, wouldn’t you?

Your parents

Your parents’ information is as important as your own information being correct because this is what goes on your marriage schedule.

So make sure you have all this information ready for your appointment with the registrar.

And how to make sure you are tied back to the correct parents; there could be 100 Jane Smiths in your area.

Again this may differ in each registry office, and this applies to you and your partner, but in general, it would be:_

Parents names

Their occupation

The venue

Again, this is for the marriage schedule so needs to be accurate.

The Date of the marriage

The Venues Name, (have the address handy to in case they ask you for that)

what happens at the registry office interview, what questions will the registrar ask me with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist weddings aberdeen

See, your appointment with the registrar is nothing to be worried about; the lovely teams at the registry office are doing their part to make sure all marriages are recorded correctly.

Have you been asked anything different at your interview with the registrars that I’ve not covered that might help other couples?

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