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SweetHeart Table Ideas

.. a table, just for two

Have you got to that joyous bit of wedding planning where you’re trying to create the perfect seating plan

Is there a perfect seating plan?

Creating a seating plan that will suit everyone attending a wedding reception is something that stresses out couples big time as they attempt to get the perfect seating plan.

There is no such thing, so please don’t get stressed out about it.

Extended families can create a bit of a headache for couples when it comes to the seating plan. Fine if everyone gets on, bit of a headache if they don’t.

So how can you get around that, and create a a seating plan that suits you.

It is after all your day, so you seat them how you want and once the meals are over they can move if they don’t like it.

I love the idea of a sweet heart table these days, have you heard of them?

Let me explain what a sweet heart table is and how to use them in your seating plan.

a rare chance for you to enjoy an intimate moment alone together.

The Dreaded Seating Plan

Are you trying to organise your wedding meal seating plan right now?

Getting stressed about who to sit where and especially whos at the top table?

Are you having a top table?

The top tables at a wedding meal used to include the couple, the bridal party, and normally the parents.

But with so many families being split by divorce nowadays, it’s a bit more difficult to seat everyone if they don’t all get on.

Have you thought about a sweetheart table?

Might be just the answer your looking for. Save having any kind of atmosphere around you on your special day.

A Sweetheart table is a much smaller table that seats just the newlyweds normally, or the newlyweds and the wedding party.

sweetheart table ideas with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist wedding celebrant aberdeeb

What Is A Sweetheart Table?

The sweetheart table is an intimate table for 2, where you and your partner eat the wedding meal alone amongst your family and guests.

I’ve seen a few of these at weddings, and they work really well.

You could have the sweetheart table at the top of the room, a bit like the top table used to be.

Or you have all your tables in a circle around the room and your intimate table in the middle of the circle.

It gives you a chance to be just the 2 of you for a couple of hours, a chance to enjoy that special moment.

It’s probably going to be the only time you get together all day.

Time Together At A Sweetheart Table

By the time you get to sit down to eat, you may not have seen each other for a while since the ceremony, by the time the photos have been done etc, so a sweetheart table lets you spend a bit of time together whilst you enjoy a meal that you picked for everyone.

Your guests can still see you both.

Your photographer can get some cracking photos of you chilled and eating.

Make sure you aren’t cutting yourself off from your guests though.

Be close enough to interact with them if you want at any time, close enough to hear some of the conversations of your guests, but not too close so they hear everything you say to each other.

If you suffer from anxiety and hate to be the centre of attention, this might not be the best option for you though.

You are more likely to be the centre of attention at a sweet heart table with just you two at it.

Who To Sit At A Sweetheart Table

There are lots of combinations of who to sit at a Sweetheart Table.

Apart from just the 2 of you you could have :-

You and your kids

You and your grandparents

Just you

You and the MOH and BM

What about you both and the mothers?


You, our bridal party and their partners?

There are lots of ways to make your Sweetheart table right for your wedding day.

A quote from one of my couples who did their sweetheart table their way.

On our wedding day it was, me and my husband, our 2 children, best man and bridesmaid. Worked perfectly for us

sweetheart table with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist wedding ceremonies aberdeen

If you’re struggling with the seating plan, then a sweetheart table might be an option.

Have a chat with the venue, see how the tables would be laid out and see where the best spot for your own wee table would fit.

Is a sweet heart table something that would take a bit of stress away when your doing your table plans?


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