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What Music Do I Need For A Wedding Ceremony?

Choosing the right music for your wedding ceremony is another way of creating memories.

I’m often asked what music do I need for my wedding ceremony?

Choosing your wedding day music can be pretty stressful for couples, and a task often left right till the end.

And that’s okay, but do you know how many songs you need for your wedding ceremony?

And what parts of the ceremony need a bit of music.

If you know how much music you need for your wedding ceremony, you can start making up a playlist with some options that you can whittle down closer to the time.

This wedding music list is different from your reception music (another thing to add to your to-do list, I’m afraid).

Consider the kind of atmosphere you want your music to convey.

Is there a particular instrument you like?

Is the wedding formal or laid back? Funny or romantic?

Sometimes it’s good to see the ceremony script once your celebrant has created it so you can see the tone of the wedding ceremony and can then choose the right music to play on your wedding day. 

Unless you already know what music you want to use, of course.

So let’s look at what music you need for the whole ceremony.

The arrival of the guests..

When your guests arrive, they always do a wee bit of mingling with each other, don’t they? And it can be pretty awkward if there is no “noise”.

You don’t have to have music playing at this part of the wedding ceremony, but it helps to relax everyone before the ceremony starts.

So I’d suggest picking a nice calming piece of music to play in the background whilst they arrive and wait to take their seats.

Aim for about 30 minutes of music for this bit, as many guests like arriving early.  

Does the music need to be live at my ceremony?

That depends on your budget.

You might choose to have a string quartet or a harpist as your ceremony music.

And they will guide you on suggestions of what they could play here.

And if your budget doesn’t stretch to live music for your wedding ceremony, you can create a playlist and play it through a PA system for any part of the wedding. That’s fine,

But you will need someone to control the music for you.

Someone to turn it on and off and play the right track

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The arrival of the wedding party..

What you have to decide here is, do you want two bits of entrance music?

One for the wedding party and another for yourself?

And does your partner want to walk down the aisle to a piece of music, or are they happy just gliding down there quietly?

So perhaps you need a few tunes for the wedding party’s arrival, based on your choices above.

What Music Does The Bride Walk Down the Aisle To?

Now, do you wanna come in nice and quietly, slowly?

Or do you wanna come in making an entrance?

This might be an ideal place to use your favourite song.

Are you a classical girl or a pop girl?

There are endless options to choose from, but it has to be something you’re comfortable walking down to.

If you’re nervous or quiet, you don’t want to be playing something loud.

Also, think about the length of the tune; make sure you don’t start off too early and are at the altar before the best part of the song comes on.

How Many Songs Do I Need for The Signing Of The Register?

This is another part of your wedding ceremony where you need a little music, as your guests are waiting for you to sign the marriage schedule.

Choosing the music for the signing of the register is the perfect opportunity to select a song that has a special meaning to you.

As it’s the couple, the two witnesses and the celebrant who all sign the register, it might take 10 mins; consider having a couple of tunes to play while you’re signing the register.

Your photographer will also want to take photos at this point.

Again if you have a playlist, you can stop the music once it’s all done.

what music do i need for my wedding ceremony with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist weddings aberdeen

Do I Need An Exit Song?

You definitely need a song to play after your ceremony as you exit.

So, you’re married, have done the paperwork, and are ready to leave the ceremony as a married couple.

You should have a really happy song for this part.

Something that reflects your both or the fact that you’re now married.

What would you have here?

I might have something like Signed, Sealed, Delivered I’m yours by Stevie Wonder.

And there you have what you need music-wise for the actual wedding ceremony.

It takes some thinking to get the right tunes.

But I promise when you pick the right tunes, it will make a fantastic difference to your wedding ceremony.

If you’re creative and inventive with your choice of wedding songs, they will be remembered for a long time.

Do you have any suggestions for songs couples could use in their wedding ceremony?

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