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Ring Warming Ceremony

…with this ring I give you my heart…

Are you looking for something to include in your wedding ceremony that your guests can participate in as well?

What about having a Ring Warming or Blessing of the rings ritual during your wedding ceremony?

What’s a Ring Warming Ritual?


A Ring Warming or Blessing of the Rings is a wedding tradition believed to have begun in Ireland but has become popular at weddings worldwide. 

A ring warming ritual or blessing of the rings is a beautiful ritual to include in your Wedding Ceremony—and a way to include your family and friends if you wanted.

I particularly like this one, as there are many ways to make it special for you and your own wedding ceremony. 

wedding rings are  the unbreakable bond of lifelong love and commitment between two people.

When Do The Guests Warm The Rings

Your guests normally do the blessing of the rings while your wedding ceremony begins with the aim to have them back to the front for the exchange of wedding rings.

Once you have arrived with your celebrant to begin your wedding ceremony, the Celebrant will explain the meaning of the Ring Warming Ritual to your guests and advise them on the method you have chosen for the rings make their way between each guest.

The wedding rings are then passed around your guests from hand to hand (there are a couple of ways to do this, as explained below). They each mentally fill the wedding rings with their love and blessings for you both.

When the rings return to you to exchange, each guest will have filled them with the highest energy.

You can also choose to have your wedding rings blessed with a reading your Celebrant will do before the actual wedding ring exchange

ring warming ceremony with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist weddings aberdeen

How Do You Do A Ring Warming Ritual

There are various ways to carry out a Ring Warming ritual.

We could Pass the rings around by hand, once your guests are seated.

It might be a good idea to have a “ring chaperone” with this option they would be responsible for making sure the rings are back with the Celebrant in time to exchange rings.

Another option is to thread a ribbon or a string, along the back of the guest’s seats. The rings then journey through your guest’s hands as they are passed along the line.  Your “Ring Chaperone” would then cut the rings from the ribbon once it reaches the front.

Choose to have only a few “special guests” to do the ring warming. As we reach the exchanging rings part of the Ceremony, we invite them to join us. The rings would pass between them whilst you say your ring exchange vows.

Or you could set up a table at the venue entrance, and as each guest arrives, they hold the ring for a few seconds.

ring warming ceremony with mary gibson the celebrant angel in aberdeen humanist wedding cermeonies aberdeen

Who Takes Part In A Ring Warming Ritual

The choice of how many people you include in this ritual is up to the couple.

You can have only your close family passing the rings between each other, or all of your guests, depending on how many guests you have, there is no right or wrong way of doing it.

With a more extensive guest list, this might not work, as the rings need to be back with the Celebrant in time for the ring exchange, and you know how everyone loves to see the rings, so that might take some time.

Ring Warming Security

Time is of the essence with A Ring Warming ritual.

The rings need to be back with the Celebrant in time for the wedding ring exchange part of your ceremony.

 What about appointing a ring chaperone? 

Again another opportunity to include a guest in your wedding ceremony as well.

The chaperone’s job is to make sure that the rings be at their destination (with the celebrant) at the allotted time. 

Don’t lose the rings!

Worried that the rings might get lost along the way? 

You could pop them into a vessel to pass them around. 

There are lots of lovely “vessel” options that you can use, such as a muslin bag or a seashell. 

Pop the rings into anything that resonates with you both.

ring warming ceremony with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist weddings aberdeen


These are only some options on how to do a Ring warming ritual. As with every option in a celebrant-led wedding, you can do this symbolic ritual in any way you choose.  

I love the sentiment behind a ring warming ritual.  It’s a lovely way to include your guests and for your guests to get a look at your rings.  

The thought of all that love from your guests being in your rings as you start married life together fills my heart with joy for my couples.

Are you thinking about doing a ring warming at your wedding?

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