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Vow Renewal Ceremony

Renewing your vows is a special way to show the world how much love you and your partner still have for each other, even after all these years together.

Are you considering having a Vow Renewal Ceremony?

Renewing your wedding vows is fast becoming the done thing these days.  A beautiful way to celebrate your lives together.

Have you ever looked at your husband or wife and thought to yourself, I would marry you all over again!

Have you considered renewing your wedding vows?

Perhaps during LockDown in 2020/21, you have spent some quality time together that we don’t usually get in our hectic lives and realised how meaningful your relationship is to you both.

What better reason to say I Do all over again?

couple at a wedding reading their vows to each other

Sequel Wedding

A Vow Renewal Ceremony is where you get to say I do in part 2, the sequel to your first wedding.   The Ceremony can be a lot of fun and usually reasonably relaxed.

A renewing your wedding vows l is a beautiful way to show how strong your love for your partner is. 

It can be plain and simple or a full-blown affair, the choice is yours.

There are many reasons why couples choose to renew their Vows. It may be a special anniversary such as your 25th, 30 or 40 years or a golden wedding anniversary. Perhaps you have come through a difficult time in your marriage, such as serious illness.

Perhaps you had a wee wedding during the lockdown and want to say your vows in front of your family and friends. A Vow Renewal is a perfect choice for that.

Or maybe you feel it is just the right time to renew your commitment to each other, to demonstrate the strength of your love and commitment to each other in front of friends and family. This time any children in the relationship can be involved.

When to have a Vow Renewal

A vow renewal can happen any time after your original Ceremony. Most couples will wait for a special occasion to celebrate.

You can choose to renew your vows, however, wherever, and whenever feels right to you.  

It could be on your 1st anniversary, or after you’ve raised your children and have 25 years of marriage under your belts. It’s totally up to you.

A Vow Renewal is not a legal Ceremony, so like all Celebrant led Ceremonies, can be done Any Time, Any Place, Unique to You.

Your Ceremony doesn’t have to be formal; we can work together to create exactly what you want in your Ceremony.

What’s included in a Vow Renewal Ceremony?

Just like your original Ceremony, you can have music, readings and Symbolic Actions. It may be nice to include your children in the Ceremony this time as well.


How to include children in a Vow Renewal?

A Vow Renewal Ceremony is a beautiful Ceremony to include any children you have. Celebrate their contribution to your family at the same time.

Using Symbolic Rituals such as sand blending are brilliant ways to include children in a Vow Renewal. There are many more rituals that can be adapted to make it your own, depending on the ages of the children.

What about doing a reading? It could be a reading or a poem; would they be confident enough to do that for you?

sand blending ceremony at a wedding with the family

…declare to your partner that you still love them as deeply…

Do we exchange rings at a Vow Renewal?

While some couples love their wedding rings and wouldn’t swap them for anythingother couples like to take this opportunity to buy new rings for their vow renewals. The choice is yours!

If you are keeping your old rings, you don’t even need to take them off, you could hold hands whilst we bless the rings.


Do I need a new dress?

 I think this calls for a new one, don’t you?

I suppose it depends on how long after your original Ceremony you have a Vow Renewal. Not many brides keep their dress for 40 years, and if I had, I certainly couldn’t fit in mine now. 

The attire for the celebration doesn’t need to be formal. If you want to turn up in jeans and bomber jackets, that’s fine by me.


Do we need new Vows

A ceremony is all about re-affirming marriage vows. Either using the original ones you had or updating them to reflect all you have been through as a couple and a family.

When couples write their vows for their wedding day, they have typically been together for a short period of time. During their time together, each person has grown and developed, and so has the relationship.

You can use the ones you had the first time round or do you want to create new ones?

Creating new vows can be a wonderful way to embrace the changes relationships have gone through.

If the thought of finding or creating the right vows fills you with dread, then worry not; I can help with those.

couple and their children on a beach doing a vow renewal ceremony

Where can we have a Vow renewal?

Because a Vow Renewal has no legal status, you can hold your Ceremony Any Place, Any Time, Unique to you.

Did you have a traditional wedding the first time and fancy something completely different this time, like an outdoor ceremony?

Then let’s do that, where do you fancy?

Want to do it as a surprise? We can do that too.


How many people do we need?

Again, the size of your Vow Renewal Ceremony is entirely up to you.

You may want just the 2 of you, a wee intimate Vow Renewal, with me, of course, making that 3.

Or you could have it like a wedding ceremony and have all your friends and family who are important to you there.

There are no rules and restrictions with a Vow Renewal ceremony, so that’s up to you.



As you can see, having a Vow Renewal gives you so many options; it doesn’t have to be rigid and boring; it can be so much fun.

If you have something to celebrate this year and want to chat about having a Vow Renewal, please do get in touch.

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