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Wedding Community Vow Of Support

Amplifying the Love: Embrace the Power of a Wedding Community Vow

Are you looking for ways to include family or friends, or both, in your wedding ceremony?

I have something that you might like that involves all of your guests in your ceremony.

A wedding community vow of support!

Us celebrants love to find ways to help you include your friends and family in your wedding or vow renewal ceremony.

And I think a Wedding Community Vow of support is a lovely way to do that.

Community vow is where we ask your guests to be part of your ceremony with a vow of their own, back to you.

A vow of support for you, the couple.

As a celebrant performing your ceremony in front of everyone you love, I can always see and feel the love oozing from your guests towards you both.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to ask them to show their support by all of them making a vow together for you both?

Imagine hearing that resounding YES or We Will echoing back to you.

Knowing that you have the support of family and friends can make a difference and can also help to strengthen your vows.

And there are a couple of ways to make a wedding community vow of support.

You have the choice of where to fit it into your ceremony, before your own vows, or after.

So how do we do a Community Vow

Intimate Wedding Community Vows

In a smaller wedding, you could ask each of your guests to bring along a vow or a promise they would like to recite to you during the ceremony.

They would stand and repeat it back to you during the ceremony.

This way is best in a smaller gathering as it can take up a bit of time.

community vow of suuport with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist wedding celebrant aberdeen

Larger Wedding Community Vows

A group vow might be the best option if your wedding party is more significant.

A communal vow would be something along the lines of:-

Ladies & Gentlemen, A and B have demonstrated their belief in their love and their desire to live together in marriage in your presence today. If you also believe in their love and you wish to add your blessing to their marriage today, please respond now by saying, we do.”


We, the best wedding guests on the planet, Swear to party for 2 of the most incredible people of all time. 

We promise there will be dynamite dance moves. Drinking and cheering

And making of memories to reveal in till death do us part

But like your own vows, they can be anything you want.  

What Do We Use As Community Vows

There are no rules about what you can use as a community vow.

You could check out Pinterest for some options.

Or perhaps you’ve got a favourite line from a film that you think might fit.

Or hop on over and ask what I have my vows library

Why not give one of your wedding party the job of finding the right vow for your guests to say?

I would coach your guests on what we expect from them before you arrive for the ceremony.

It wouldn’t look good if we didn’t warn them and some shouted, we will, and others should yes or we do, would it?.

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Is a Community Vow something you would like to include in your ceremony?

As with all ceremony rituals, a community vow of support can be built into your ceremony in any way you choose.

Is there a vow that you would like your guests to say to support you with a Community Vow?

Has anyone done this at their ceremony?  How did it go?

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