What to do after you get engaged with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist wedding ceremonies aberdeen

What to do after you get engaged

Love, Reflection, and Relaxation: Embracing the Benefits of Quality Time as Newly Engaged

Congratulations on your engagement!

This is a special time in your lives that deserves to be cherished and savored.

Taking some time for yourselves after getting engaged allows you and your partner to fully immerse yourselves in the joy and excitement of your newfound commitment.

By temporarily stepping away from wedding planning, family obligations, and other commitments, you can focus solely on each other and strengthen your bond.

Which in turn leaves you heading into planning your wedding with a positive attitude, and knowing what each of your want for your wedding day.

Reflect on your future together, discussing your hopes, dreams, and goals as a couple.

This dedicated time allows you to make thoughtful decisions without feeling overwhelmed by the details of planning a wedding.

Enjoy yourselves in the engagement bubble; there will be plenty of time for planning the wedding later.

Enjoy the Moment

Take some couple time

Did you get engaged recently?  How did it go? Wondering what to do now that you’re engaged?

Bet your head is racing now with what to do first.  Let’s talk about what to do when you get engaged but aren’t ready to commit to vendors yet.

Among the things to do when you get engaged, this one has to be one of the most important.

Did you take a few days to yourself before you announced it to everyone?

Or were you shouting it from the rooftops?

It’s an exciting time for a couple, and you rightly want everyone to know about it, but have you stopped to catch your breath yet?

What about stepping back a little now and taking some time to be happy together in your little bubble.

When you say yes, that’s an extraordinary moment; take the time to reflect on the lead-up to it, how you felt when they proposed, and how you feel now; I bet it’s giddy.

Slow yourself down for a little bit, pop some champagne, and plan a special meal to celebrate it together.

There is plenty of time to get to the wedding planning; enjoy what you feel right now together.

what to do after you get engaged with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist weddings aberdeen

Looking after the ring

Does the ring fit properly, or do you need to get it resized for your finger?

Perhaps you got a “fake ring” and need to go out and pick your ring now; OMG that will be so exciting.

I helped my son pick his ring for his girlfriend; it was a lovely mother-son moment; his partner had no idea the proposal was coming.

Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks to get the ring sized correctly; you might not be able to do that just now with lockdowns, but be careful wearing it until then, especially if it’s far too big; you don’t want to lose it.

And what about insurance for your ring? Have you looked into that yet?

Insurance is something you should consider and gives you peace of mind if anything happens to your ring.

The Wedding Party

While chilling together on an evening or weekend, you could start thinking about who you want to be in your wedding party.

You don’t have to tell or ask anyone yet; get your thoughts together for now.

You probably already know who you want to take up those important spots anyway, but it’s best check them out with each other.

Get the plan together and decide when you’re going to ask them. Your gonna need your peeps alongside you to help you start planning the wedding.

The Budget

This one’s a biggie.

You can’t plan any of your wedding if you don’t know how much money you have to spend.

Start by finding out if any of the family would like to contribute and then add any savings. Also, consider how much you can save each month to add to your kitty.

Set yourself up a little spreadsheet to track it all.

It just needs something simple right now until you start planning properly.

what to do after you get engaged with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist weddings aberdeen

Choosing your wedding date

When’s the big day?⁠

⁠Once you announce your engagement, many people will ask you, “have you picked a date yet” but don’t let this hurry you.⁠

⁠You don’t have to have the date fixed the minute you get engaged.⁠

⁠During your engagement bubble time, why not consider some dates that are suitable for you both. ⁠

⁠Check-in with each other about how long you think your engagement should last. Are you on the same wavelength with that?⁠

⁠Is there a particular date that you would like to get married on, like a big birthday? ⁠

You can read my blog here about choosing your wedding date.

⁠That date could be two years away, which gives you plenty of time to sort things out and get your budget together. Check out my budget-setting blog here

⁠As long as you both agree on the wedding date, that’s all that matters; everyone else can wait until you’re ready to announce it.⁠

Wedding Inspiration

This has to be my favourite bit, I think.

Finding inspiration for your wedding,  because Pinterest has to be the best tool out there for ideas on everything, never mind wedding planning.

You can do this at home after you’ve done the proposal.

Do it together or on your own; you can share boards with your wedding party, too, but be careful not to lose a couple of days of your life delving into Pinterest.

The board’s idea is to gather all the ideas you like in one place; many years ago, couples would use scrapbooks. Holding everything in one place is much easier, and there is so much inspiration there.

Once you start collating boards, you can then narrow down what you want for the wedding. Then, when it comes the time to speak to planners and venues, you have a better idea of what it is you want your wedding to look like

You can check out some of my Pinterest Boards here. 

Happy hunting

Wedding Website

This is something that many couples are doing today.  Is that something that you are considering?

You could get that set up in the background—no need to tell anyone about it yet until you get it ready.

It’s a good tool to use for your wedding, and it keeps your guests informed; you can put transport options on there, hotel accommodation if anyone needs to stay over, put everything on there, and save all the phone calls to you or your family asking the same questions.

They are dead easy to set up today, and there are lots of tips online on how to do it and what to include.

Could a “techie” in your family or friends circle handle that for you?


Getting engaged is so exciting, and  whilst its exciting to start planning your wedding, you want to live in that moment for a while.

Enjoy being together and planning married life, but take the time for you as a couple to.

And if your ready to talk to celebrants, I’m your girl

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