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Alternative Ways to Walk Down the Aisle

There are several alternative ways of walking down the aisle; it doesn’t have to be conventional.

As your wedding day approaches, and the nerves start to kick in, the thought of walking down the aisle can be quite daunting for some couples. And you start to wonder if there are alternative ways of walking down the aisle.

All those eyes on you as you walk down the aisle! That can be quite scary.

As you know, here at the Celebrant Angel, we like to look into alternative ways of doing things. Ways that can take some of the anxiety away, and make it more comfortable for you.

So let’s look at alternative ways that you can walk down the aisle.

There are several alternative ways of walking down the aisle; it doesn’t have to be conventional.

Why not start a new family tradition.

Show the youngsters in the family that it’s okay to step out of the norm for your wedding day. Or, any day for that matter.

walking down the aisle with the celebrant angel in aberdeen

Family Dynamics 

Here is where choosing who’s walking you down the aisle can be difficult.

Perhaps you’re not close to your parents; they may not even be at your wedding. You may have step-parents too.

So how do you choose which member of your family walks you down the aisle?

If this one causing you some issues, let’s look at what other options you have other than the traditional walking down the aisle route alone or with a family member.

And how to choose what’s right for you.

1 Plus 1

If you want to walk down the aisle traditionally but have two people to consider for that role (father and stepfather, for instance).

Why not try it 1 plus 1.

Let one parent walk you halfway down the aisle, stop and let the other parent pick up and walk you to your partner.

I like that idea. It breaks up the walk and gives you something to concentrate on that’s closer to you than your partner.

Who’s first down the aisle?

Traditionally the groom is the one who enters the venue first, waiting for their partner at the top. 

But as we look at alternative ways for you to walk down the aisle why not do that differently.

What about you being there first? Let your partner pick up the limelight with a solo walk down the aisle to meet you at the top.

Give the guests a wee surprise.

Walking down the Aisle Together

This is a good option if you’re stressing about walking the aisle on your own if you have no family taking you down.

Choosing to walk down the aisle together takes the stress of deciding who can escort you, and doesn’t leave anyone upset because they haven’t been asked to do it.

There are so many ways that you can make your entrance about you. These are just a few options.

As a celebrant, I get to watch the guests’ faces as their couple does something out of the ordinary and it always makes me smile

I love to see couples creating their own wedding traditions. As you know, we have no rules, so you can do this any way you choose.

Adding your own personal touches makes the ceremony very you.

alternative ways to walk down the aisle with the celebrant angel

…The easiest part of marriage is falling in love and walking down the aisle….

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