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Best season to get married in Scotland

Does the season matter?

Are you already knee-deep in Pinterest boards and wedding magazines?

Hud the horses though, there’s a few things you need to consider before you head down the Pinterest rabbit hole, and that’s WHEN shall we get married, what date, wondering when is the best season to get married in Scotland.

Hold off on the world of cake tastings and dress fittings until you know WHEN your actually getting married.

You can’t book a venue, celebrant, or florist if you don’t know the date yet.

Fear not, for I’m here to give you the low down and talk you through the art of choosing what season you could choose.

Or does the season not matter if there is a specific date that’s special to you both, even if that’s in the depths of winter?

There are two seasons in Scotland, June and Winter

Which Season

Have you got your date already?

Is it a special date, or just a date that you fancy getting married?

Have you thought about the weather in the month that you’ve chosen?

Let’s have a look at some of the drawbacks and benefits of each of the seasons here in Scotland.


So, the first thing I would think about is what time of year you want to have your wedding day.

Do you fancy a Christmas wedding with a sprinkling of snow, or do you want it to be a nice warm sunny day (not that anyone can guarantee you that in the UK, never mind Scotland)

Every season in the UK comes with some quirks and charms.

spring weddings with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist weddings aberdeen


A spring wedding in Scotland is like a perfectly blended cup of tea – a mix of tradition, warmth, and a dash of surprise.

Although the days are getting longer and slightly warmer, it can still be cold in Spring in Scotland.

Does that rule out an outdoor ceremony for you, or does that not matter?

But on the plus side, the trees will be blossoming, the plants showing through the ground and the sunsets at this time of year can be amazing.

So, embrace the unpredictable weather, wrap up in tartan blankets if needed, and celebrate your love amidst the blossoming beauty of this remarkable land.

Just remember to have your umbrella, wellies and thermals handy!

best season to get married in in scotland with the celebratn angel aberdeen humanist weddings aberdeen


Not that anyone can guarantee this EVER, but April, May, and June take us into the longer evenings and warmer days, with it being light some evenings until midnight.

All the colours in nature burst into life during late spring or early summer; imagine the smells and sounds of nature that you would hear in a summer wedding.

And on the plus side, it’s a bit early for the midgies in the early summer months. Not sure a midgy bite would look good with your jewellery on the day.

Although many people think that July and August are the busy months for weddings, having been in the wedding industry now for over 4 years, that’s not the case every year.

And I think the reason a lot of couples avoid these months for their wedding is because, for a start, it’s the height of the holiday season in the UK, which means your guests may find it hard to find accommodation close to the venue during those months, unless your booking way in advance of course.

They also may turn out to be the hottest months of the year, and we know how the heat makes a lot of people grumpy, don’t we? 

Add to that the worry about your cake melting in that heat or your makeup running.

The bright sun on a hot day isn’t a favourite of wedding photographers either.

best season to get married in scotland, with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist weddings aberdeen


First and foremost, the breathtaking scenery characterized by vibrant foliage creates a picturesque backdrop for ana Autumn day wedding.

The cooler temperatures of autumn provide a comfortable atmosphere for both indoor and outdoor ceremonies, allowing guests to enjoy the festivities without feeling overheated or too cold.

Additionally, autumn is often associated with a cosy and romantic ambience, perfect for celebrating love and commitment with family and friends.

And look what nature can provide for you with seasonal decor such as pumpkins, colourful leaves, and rustic accents that can inspire unique and charming wedding themes.

Autumn is like nature’s Instagram filter – all those warm colours and crisp air make for fantastic photos.

Lastly, opting for an autumn wedding may offer cost savings, as it falls outside the peak wedding season, allowing for potential discounts on venue rentals and vendor services.

whats the best season to get married in in scotland with the celebrant angel humanist weddings aberdeen


Opting for a winter wedding alleviates a significant amount of worry when planning a wedding.

With indoor venues being the norm for winter ceremonies, you can breathe easy knowing you won’t have to fret about whether it’ll be windy, rainy, or even snowy on your big day.

You are likely to get venues cheaper in winter, to as this is the quiet season for a lot of venues.

And if you’re having a Christmas time wedding, a lot of the venues will already be decorated with Christmas decorations, so it might save you some money on decor then, too.

Pick a season that suits your personality – are you a sun-worshipper or an all-cosy-by-the-fireplace kind of couple?

I think I would be a winter bride, all cosy inside with fires going around me and the lovely Winter flowers.

Hopefully, my comments above will help you decide on which season you want to get married, or are you married already?

Which season did you pick and any particular reason why you chose that season?

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