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Honouring the important woman in your life in your wedding ceremony, like your mother or your grandmother, adds that extra special touch to your ceremony.

There are many ways to include your mum or mother inlaw in your wedding ceremony, and you might already have an option of your own that you want to use.

But if you’re struggling, here are five ways to include a mum on a wedding day, where you might find an option that’s a perfect fit for your mums.

There are the usual ways of including your mum in your ceremony, such as hand-fasting, Unity candles and Sand blending rituals, and you can find out more about them here.

Or are you looking for something a little bit different? I love a bit of different.

Apart from the usual ways to include your mum in the wedding planning with dress shopping etc., wouldn’t it be lovely to give her her own part in your ceremony too?

Bet she’d love that.

So how can you do that? What ways are there to include your mum in the ceremony?

Let’s take a look and see if you can find one that would fit your mother or MIL.

Ways to include your mother in your wedding ceremony with the celebrant angel



First look photos

First look photos between couples are becoming very popular now, and I think it’s a fantastic idea.

But what about some first look photos with your mum, how special would they be for you both to keep.

Is she getting ready with you?

If she was, you could still do the first look by getting her to leave the room whilst you put on your dress and add the final touches, then get the photographer ready and call her back in.

Make sure you’ve both got waterproof mascara on though, and have the MUA to hand to repair any damage from the emotions that come with those moments.

Mother-Daughter Photos

I wish I had done this at my daughter’s wedding.  

Set aside a bit of time with your photographer and get some lovely photos of the 2 of you together.

They could be of you both as you get ready, then once your both dressed and done the first look, get some happy smiley ones of you together.


Walking down the aisle.

Traditionally it’s the father of the bride that gives you away, but we don’t always do traditional, do we? 

Perhaps your father isn’t around to walk you down the aisle.

Would your mum like to do that?

Or if both parents are around, why not have them both walk you down the aisle?

Or what about having both the mums walk down the aisle together before you arrive.

include your mum in your wedding ceremony


Ring Warming

Whilst a ring warming is sometimes used to include all of your friends and family during your ceremony, it doesn’t have to be everyone.

You could choose to have the mums only hold the rings until it’s time to pass them to the celebrant.

The mums would bring your rings to the front and return to their seats.

This is where you could gift her a rose or do the first kiss last kiss to, more about those later.

include your mum in your wedding ceremony


Gift Of A Rose

Another lovely way to include mums would be to present each with a rose – from you to your mum and from your partner to their mum.

There are a couple of ways you could do this.

If your mum was walking you down the aisle, you could do it after they drop you at the alter.  

Or, as you finish your ceremony – sign your certificate and get ready for heading back up the aisle. You could stop with your mums then and hand over the rose.

If you asked your mums to do the ring warming as I’ve suggested above, you could present the rose after they hand the rings back to you.


Last kiss, First Kiss

The first person to ever kiss us is our parents, and usually your mum, so why not have a last kiss from your mums before you kiss your new husband or wife.

We could call them up to the altar before I announce that it’s time for you both to kiss; they would each kiss their child then sit down.


So there we have five different ways for you to include your mum and your mother in law in the wedding ceremony.

I hope it’s given you some food for thought.

Has your mum been included in a sibling’s ceremony before?  What did they do?

If you have any other ideas for including mums in a wedding ceremony, please let us know; it’s always nice to see what others have done.

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