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Do You Need An Engagement Photo Shoot?

Capturing your forever

So, you might be here reading this because you got engaged recently and googling all things engagement/wedding. (And there’s a lot out there isn’t there 😊)

Having an engagement photo shoot is one of the things that couples often ask about and comes up often on that googly thing.

So you’re busy trying to decide if you need or want one, right?


You’ve probably taken lots of photos during your time together, and your phones slowing running out of photo space due to the amount of photos you have already.

But none are as important as an engagement photo.

So let me tell you some of the reasons doing an engagement photo shoot is a good idea.

capture your special moment in locations or places that are meaningful to you as a couple.

Engagment photos are as important as wedding photos

There are 2 things that come out of an engagement photo shoot, and that’s getting professional photos of you both, obviously, but if you choose a photographer that you’re considering using for your wedding day, you get to meet them face to face and get to know them, and they you at the same time.

See if you’re a perfect fit for each other.

Taking a selfie of yourselves is good and can be fun, but you never capture your whole body in a selfie, do you.

Theres no sight of body language in a selfie, it’s just your head and pretty faces. Or your hand with the sparkly engagement ring on it.

And whilst it’s lovely to see both your lovely smiley faces after you get engaged and even a close-up of the ring, it’s also nice to see your body language together.

So, if you’re still considering whether you need an engagement photo shoot let me give you some positives of having one done.

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Capturing the beginning

Whilst you may have been together for a while, having an engagement photo shoot done, is capturing the beginning of your commitment to each other for life.

They capture the joy, excitement and of course the love shared between you both.

The fantastic wedding photographers we have around the Northeast are so talented at teasing out your personalities, getting you to show your sense of humour, and capturing the magic between you.

Overcoming Camera Shyness

For many couples, their wedding day might be the first time they will be professionally photographed together.

An engagement photo session gets you used to being professionally photographed so that on your wedding day you are much more chilled, allowing your photographer to get lovely, relaxed photos of you both.

Its also an ideal time to ask the photographer any questions you have about your wedding day photos.

Making connections

What better way to find out if the photographer you think you might use for your wedding day is the one that suits you both?

It’s going to be a pretty hard decision to choose who’s going to be your wedding photographer with all the amazing photographers we have in this area, so this is an ideal opportunity to get to know one of them

I remember doing my first wedding ceremony and being worried about the photographer being in my way or taking photos that I wasn’t going to like.

Don’t know what I was worried about; they are all amazing and had me at ease within minutes so imagine how they will make you feel.

They listened to what I was doing in the ceremony so they were in the right place for those special moments like a handy fasting, or a reading.

So if there is something special you want to capture during the engagement shoot then don’t be afraid to let them know.

I’ve listed a few of the photographers that I’ve worked with over the last couple of years for you to check out.

Danielle Lesley Sandie Ritchie , Jonny Dyer  Dani Rose, By Rhea, Christie Johnson

do you need an engagement shoot with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist weddings aberdee

Personalising Your Wedding Stationery

What a cracking way to personalise your wedding stationary by using one of your engagement photos.

You could have a of lot fun with this one.

You could be deadly serious, or you could show your personality as a couple and get your photographer to get you to do something funny or a bit different and use that for your Save the Date invitations.

do you need engagement photos with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanit weddings aberdeen


Unlike a wedding, you have the freedom to choose the location for your engagement photo shoot.

Have you got a favourite spot you both love? I think mines would have to be in a forest, as that’s where I spend a lot of my time walking my dogs.

But, if you’re not sure, our local photographers know all the hidden gems in the area, locations that make for brilliant photo opportunities for your engagement shoot, so don’t be afraid to ask them for suggestions.

And if you want to find a very secret spot in Grampian that even your photographer might have been to speak to Martin at Martin Bennie photography, he has some stunning spots.

If it were me I would definitely get an engagement photo shoot, not only for the memories but to get comfortable in front of the camera so you’re nice and chilled for the wedding day.

Wedding photographers are lovely and know how nervous couples can be about being in front of the camera on their big day; having an engagement photo shoot alleviates some of that pain.


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