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Hidden Wedding Costs To Be Aware Of

Know hidden wedding costs to budget wisely and avoid overspending.

One of the trickiest parts of planning a wedding is sticking to your budget, mainly because we forget to include so many hidden costs in the budget setting process.

Hidden wedding costs can sneak up on even the most diligent of couples.And you don’t want to be a week away from your wedding to find out that you need to cough up an extra few hundred pounds! Nightmare.

So what should you look out for? Well, luckily for you, we’ve asked our experts and got the inside scoop. Read on to find out the hidden wedding costs you’d never think the budget for. We promise your wallet will thank you!

So here I’ve got a few costs that you may want to include in your wedding budget, just for starters.

Budgeting for your wedding requires knowing what to allocate your funds to.

Hidden Cost – The Marriage Licence

Whether you marry with a celebrant, in a registry office or a church, there will be costs for legalising the marriage.

Depending on where you are based, these costs can differ.

Here in Aberdeen, the price of a basic marriage Licence is £110, that’s to submit both your M10 forms and £10 for a copy of your schedule once you’ve had your wedding day.

These costs will also be on top of the celebrant’s fee.

Hidden Cost – Changing Your Name On Documents

Another hidden cost to be aware of and add to your wedding budget is for name changes on legal documents if you choose to change your name after your ceremony.

Such as your passport.

The blog here explains how to change your name. What to change your name on, and the costs in more detail.


hidden wedding costs with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist wedding celebrant aberdeen

Hidden Cost – Wedding Dress Alterations

Not many brides are a standard size 12 or 16, so many wedding dresses need altering to fit your shape exactly.  

So you may need to add paying for alterations to your wedding budget

 Some bridal boutiques can do that for you as they may have an in-house seamstress, but it will still cost money. When you’re trying on dresses, ask the shop if they have any idea of how much it will cost to get it done.

Hidden Cost – Corkage Fee

Some venues will charge you extra for corkage if you bring your own wine to the wedding.

When viewing the venues, ask them about this to get an idea of how much extra to add to your budget.  

It may sound a lot when you first hear it, but it may be a cheaper option for you when you work that it out than the drinks’ prices at the venue.

Hidden Cost – Supplier’s Food And Drink

Some wedding vendors will be with you all day, like the photographer. Have you thought about feeding them on the day?  

This is something I would discuss with them during your initial conversations. They may not want to give you an extra cost, but best to know upfront.

They don’t need to have a seat on your table plan unless you want to include them in it; many eat behind the scenes. But the cost of that meal will need to be in your final figures to the venue.

They are a hard-working bunch on the go all day, so they don’t get much time for eating on the day, so it might be nice to give them some lunch/dinner.

hidden wedding costs with the celebrant angel aberdeen humanist wedding celebrant aberdeen

Hidden Costs – Postage

Have you included the cost of posting all your invitations if you are doing paper copies?

I didn’t’ know the price of a first-class stamp until I just googled it.. £1.25p.. god, it’s been a while since I posted a letter.

And that’s for a standard letter.  

If you were sending a suite for your invitations, they would need to weigh them at the post office for the cost.

And that all mounts up, so guestimate a rough cost in your budget for postage as well.

These are just some of the hidden wedding costs that you may not have added to your wedding budget yet.

So when your building your budget make sure you have that little extra in there to cover the things you may forget to add.

Was there something important you missed out of your budget that you should have had on there?

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